Services and solutions:

CoLAB PS has a dual approach to ensuring clients’ project success:

1. An independent solution where clients carry out their own project management, with the assistance of CoLAB PS.

2. A collaborative solution in which CoLAB PS joins the client’s team and carries out projects end-to-end.

At any time, clients may require a greater or lesser degree of any of these two approaches during a project’s life cycle.


Every client is unique, and CoLAB PS is flexible enough to be able to respond to changing, even idiosyncratic, requirements.

Often times a client may have an immediate requirement for specific human resources on a project – a senior consultant, a communications expert, a coordinator or administrator.


Clients may, en route, also require CoLAB PS to provide them with any or all of the following specific services and resources during the project life cycle:

  • Documentation of processes, procedures and life cycles
  • Program Management Office governance
  • Project stages and stage gates
  • Project support through providing of resources
  • PPO – the global cloud-based platform for project management, Project Portfolio Office
  • Training on platforms, software, approaches or systems
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