Tom Morrison at Canadian Zinc’s Prairie Creek operation.

Tom Morrison, P.Eng., Chief Engineer, Canadian Zinc Corp.

Project Management, Canadian Zinc, Prairie Creek Project

“„I have worked with Mr. Johan Steenkamp since 2012, contracted to companies that have been, and are, clients of his former employer, Tetra Tech. „It has always been a pleasure working with Mr. Steenkamp and I have formed a high opinion of his abilities as a study project manager. „His understanding of the engineering profession is deep and comprehensive. „He is at once forceful and diplomatic with a keen sense of when to apply those skills, which he possesses to a high degree. „He has also demonstrated an ability to turn around projects managed by others that need to be brought back on schedule or back on budget.”  – February 2, 2015

Brent Thompson

Brent Thompson, President, Mining & Minerals at Tetra Tech Inc.

“Johan is a detailed-oriented project manager with a strong knowledge of project controls. He has demonstrated an ability to start, manage and complete large complex projects on time and on budget. And, he has also demonstrated an ability to turn around projects managed by others that need to be brought back on schedule or back on budget.” – January 9, 2015

Graham Parkinson, Senior Geoscientist, Klohn Crippen Berger

“On our work together [on the Seabridge Gold Project] Johan combined effective study management with practical understanding of how to resolve issues and integrate various mine development disciplines. I certainly recommend Johan for your next mining project.”
– Graham Parkinson, Senior Geoscientist, Klohn Crippen Berger

R Botha

Richard Botha, PhD, former Operations Director, Logical Options Staffing

Logical Options grew to the size and stature that it did, because the management team recognized problems before they became critical. We also recognized when we did not have the skills or the independent point of view ourselves, to solve those problems. We had to keep pace with new technologies but also ensure that these were properly implemented. We were very satisfied with the performance and assistance of Johan Steenkamp in helping us reach these objectives.”

Willie 3

Willie Pretorius, former CIO of FNB Home Loans

“Implementing a technological solution was in itself a challenge. On top of that, this project [for FNB Home Loans] had a significant impact on hundreds of employees and many thousands of clients. It was imperative that it was done effectively and on time, and that the change impact was dealt with. We were satisfied that this was indeed the case and that the business could move forward and meet its operational targets.”

Paul Robinson – Manager, Centre of Excellence, Kumba Iron Ore (Program team member)

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your valued contributions in assisting with getting this project [for Kumba Iron Ore] completed in record time to the quality it deserves, besides the many late nights that went into this. Your commendable rigour, diligence and positive attitudes are well noticed.”

Gareth Greer – PRIZM Programme Manager, Kumba Iron Ore

PPO provided the visibility required to run all the projects in the PRIZM Programme, allowing CoLAB to deliver a programme far exceeding [our] expectations.”

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