Change Communication Manager

The Change Communication Manager’s job is never done, because communication is a process, which continues, though the messages and projects might be different. Sometimes the Change Communications function and Project Communication function is fulfilled by the same person, communicating both about the project itself, and its wider impact. Again, this is not something for which subject matter experts and Project Management Office staff have either the focus or the time.

You cannot over-communicate when you are asking your organization to change. Every successful executive, who has led a change management effort, makes this statement in retrospect.

Effective communication requires multiple components interworking perfectly to achieve shared meaning, which is the state of consensus and common understanding which is the end goal of all organizational change. The Change Communication Manager’s job is firstly, to question, and get answers, then to communicate these, and lastly to complete the feedback loop on all communications. The job has large technical (IT), design and Social Media strategy components, but generally involves:

  • Assess the communication environment, and identify role players and stakeholders
  • Create a communication strategy and plan, and lead it
  • Identify, analyze, prepare risk mitigation tactics for communication blocks and issues
  • Identify and manage anticipated resistance, confusion and lack of shared meaning
  • Consult with, and coach management teams and leaders on how to communicate, especially about project problems and failures
  • Select and create actionable deliverables utilizing on-, through-, above- and below-the-line media, and channels
  • Assess the effectiveness of the aforementioned “media mix”
  • Strategize, monitor and adjust social media messaging
  • Coordinate plans with project team members
  • Integrate communication activities into the project management plan
  • Institutionalize communication media and channels into organizational communications, liaising with the company’s Communications and Marketing Departments
  • Define and measure success metrics and monitor progress of the communications plans

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